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Student Data Terms & Conditions of Use, also known as the "CAASPP Management System," is an Internet site maintained by Educational Testing Service ("ETS") as a service to the California Department of Education ("CDE"). Access to and use of the CAASPP Management System Internet site ("the Site") are governed by federal and state law, including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C.A. §§1232g et seq.) ("FERPA"), the Information Practices Act of 1977 (Cal. Civ. Code §§1798.1 et seq.), Education Code §§49076, and Education Code §§ 60604-60618 and 60640 et seq., and Title 5, California Code of Regulations §§851-875.

Only duly authorized employees or agents of the CDE, an authorized school district or an authorized, independently testing charter school (generally "local educational agency" or "LEA") may properly and lawfully access the Site. The undersigned party ("User") hereby acknowledges and represents that it has been designated and authorized by the CDE or appropriate LEA authority to access the Site, and that the User's employees and agents accessing the Site have a need to know the data provided through the Site for a legitimate business and educational purpose of the LEA or CDE, and have a legitimate educational interest for each instance of access and use of the Site.

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You have created your own user credentials (i.e., set your own password and security questions/responses for use of the Site) and have not shared, or have received from others in your LEA or the CDE, usernames and/or passwords from other users.

2. Stopping Access.
If your authority or access is changed or eliminated by your LEA or the CDE, you agree to immediately stop using the Site.

3. Data Protection.
User shall treat as confidential all data and information received through the Site according to the requirements of state and federal laws.